2017 BCAPL Texas State Championships

This is NOT a handicapped event

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Everyone entering this event must hold a current BCAPL membership or current CSI player membership to be eligible to play this event.

Mixed Open Teams (5-person team)- roster limit of 8 players, total of 5 highest rated players cannot exceed a total Fargo rating of 3200, at least 4 players must come from same league.

Womenís Open Teams (4 person)- roster limit of 6 players highest 4 rated players must not exceed combined Fargo rating of 2200. Players do not have to come from same league.

Scotch Doubles Ė cannot exceed a combined Fargo rate of 1200, players do not have to be from same league.

ē Max Fargo rate for each Division:

ē Menís B Ė 520

ē Menís Open Ė 700

ē Womenís B Ė 420

Send Entries, checks and money orders payable to:

BadBoys Billiard Productions

476 Crafton Rd

Portland, TN 37148

Late entries and deadlines: late entries postmarked after Feb 28th must include $15 late fee for singles and $25 for teams. Entries will be accepted if postmarked by March 12th.

Late entries must be paid by money order or cash on site. On site entries must be at least 3 hours prior to start. Events that start after 12pm must be paid by 9pm the night before For questions: texas@badboysbp.com or


Monday April 3rd

Menís & Womenís 9-ball Singles: Start Time 10 am

Entry Fee $65 + $25 Green Fee

Menís Open race to 7 & Advanced race to 8 (650 & higher fargorate =advanced)

Womenís Open race to 5 & Advanced race to 6 (550 & higher fargorate =advanced)

Can NOT play in 9-ball & Scotch Doubles

Scotch Doubles: Start Time 7 pm Scotch Doubles Entry Fee $75 + $20 Green Fee

Must have 12 Teams signed up by March 14th

Tuesday April 4th

9- Ball and Scotch Doubles continue 10am

Wednesday April 5th

Menís Open Singles: Start Time 9am Menís Singles Divisions:

Menís B-Division Entry fee $35 + $25 Green Fee, race to 4

Menís Open/Advanced Entry fee $65 + $35 Green Fee,

Open race to 5 & Advanced race to 6

Womenís Singles Divisions: Start Noon

Womenís Open B Division Entry Fee $35 + $25 Green Fee Race to 4 Womenís Open/Advanced Division Entry Fee $65 + $35 Green Fee

Race 5

Senior Singles Division: Start Time 6pm

Senior Entry Fee $65 +35 Green Fee

Thursday April 6th

Menís B & Open/Advanced Singles continue 9am

Senior Singles Continues

Friday April 7th

Must have six weeks of League play to play in Teams

Mixed/Open Teams Start Time 9 am

Mixed/Open Teams Entry Fee $175 + $125 Green Fee

Womenís Open Teams: Start Time 2pm

Womenís Open Teams Entry fee $125 + $100 Green Fee

Saturday April 8th

Mixed/Open and Womenís Teams continue at 10am

Sunday April 9th

Singles and Teams concluded


Frank Mayborn Center 3303 N.3rd St. Temple, TX

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